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Soul Realignment™

Akashic Record Reading

This is a psychic reading with a twist! It is about finding out who you are as a Soul. Now everybody has a soul, & who we are at a soul level can be completely different to how we live our lives as a human.

Throughout the reading we discover how your soul has shaped its human experience so far, & how the choices your have made (whether in a past or present life) are affecting you now.


So where do I get this information from your might ask? Well after you have given me some basic information I will be able to access your Akashic  (A.Ka.Shic) Records. Every body has their own records.

The Akashic Records is like the energetic version of the internet, where every choice you have ever made throughout all your lifetimes is stored. So as you can imagined there is going to be a lot of information available, but not all of it is relevant to the reading. That is where Andrrea Hess comes in. She has created a course called Soul Realignment™ which basically acts as the 'Google search engine' allowing us to get exactly the right information that we need to learn about your soul.

During the reading you will also be told how you attract & create the most abundance in your life (& I am not just talking about financial abundance, but abundance in ALL areas of your life!). We will also discuss any blocks & restrictions which may be stopping you from living the life you always dreamed of! This reading is very empowering & has the potential to change your life!


Soul Realignment Practitioner Program - Andrea Hess Soul Realignment

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