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Bowen Therapy is great for those who don't like or can't handle firmer pressure. It can be a great alternative to your standard massage, while still receiving similar benefits.


Bowen Therapy is a type of body work in which rolling or flicking moves are performed over the muscles & connective tissue, starting the healing process within the body. These moves sends messages deep within the body via the nervous system to create a  relaxed, & balanced state of well-being.


The pracitioner can target a specific problem or address the body as a whole. There are frequent (yet essential) pauses throughout the session that allow the body time to respond to the moves. Your body is very good at storing pain/trauma so these pauses give the body some time to adjust & process & thus beginning to re-balance the body.



Bowen Therapy 

Anyone from pregnant women, babies to the elderly & everyone in between can recieve Bowen. Bowen Therapy can also assist with the following ailments:


Back pain & sciatica, Digestive & bowel problems including IBS, Headaches & migraines, Neck & shoulder issues, including frozen shoulder problems, Respiratory problems, RSI/Carpal tunnel & tennis elbow, Bedwetting in children, Colic & unsettled/distressed babies, & so much more!


*Bowen Therapy along with all other services I provide are strictly non sexual *


Bowen Therapy


* Certificate 4 Bowen Therapy - BCNT

* Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy - BCNT

* Certificate in Hormonal procedures - Hormonal Release the Bowen   


* Registered memeber of BAA

* Registered member of BTAA

* Will be attending Mind, Body, Bowen workshop in March 2017

Bowen Therapy Bodywork By Bronya
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