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Dry Needling

Dry Needling involves inserting a very fine needle into the most tendon point of the muscle fibres (normally the trigger point).


Dry needling provides pain relief & assists in injury rehabilitation for most musculoskeletal conditions. It can assist with anything from back or neck pain, tension headaches, hamstring or ankle strains, tennis elbow & much more.


The therapist can either work on the superficial layers of the muscle or the deep layers can be targeted. Either way the client will experience increased range of movement & more relaxed muscles. Many people often say that they sleep much better after having a session of dry needling.


Dry Needling can be used on people of all ages including children (however if under 18 years they will need a parent/guardian’s consent), people with sporting injuries, anyone in pain or any chronic/acute problems.


Many people think that dry needling will hurt, but that's not the case for the majority of the time. I myself 'had' a fear on needles, however after doing this course I have been converted. Most of the time you can't even feel the needle being inserted. There might be the odd time that you do, but it’s a quick little prick. Once the needle has been inserted, depending on if I'm targeting the superficial layers or the deeper layers you might experience a dull/achy/sharp pain or a twitch, this just means that I have found the spot & that your body is responding. These sensations will soon pass.


* Certificate in  Dry Neeedling introductory & Dry Needling Advanced - CPD

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