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Reiki is an ancient tradition which was formed in Japan at the end of the 19th Century. Rei-ki means Universal Life force energy. The principle is based on the fact that everything is made up of energy both inside & outside of the body. The therapist channels positive, loving & healing energy into the patient via touch. This activates a natural healing process within the patient’s body, restoring it back to a physical & emotion well-being. It doesn't destroy delicate tissues or nerves. It is absolutely harmless; therefore it’s a practical & safe treatment which can be performed on anybody.


Reiki is not a cult or a religion. Although in the beginning its base derived from Buddhist & Shingon traditions however that is not the case in today's society. It is a spiritual system which is experientially based & contains principles for gaining self-empowerment & personal unfoldment.


It is not necessary to remove clothing for a Reiki session, however it’s advised loose clothing is wore. Some of the benefits of Reiki include relaxation, reduced stress, immediate relief for a variety of aches & pains. Reiki can be used for first aid, to heal animals, children & anyone who is out of balance.

Reiki Healing


* Usaui Reiki 1 - Certificate from Stacey Lennon, Usui Reiki Master

* Usaui Reiki 2 - Certificate from Stacey Lennon, Usui Reiki Master